January 26, 2012

Valentine - Kina Grannis (FAIL Acoustic Cover by Nad & Daph)

Valentine - Kina Grannis (FAIL Acoustic Cover by Nad & Daph)
ambush & impulsive = messed up cover! bloopers everywhere! :)) We'll be doing a decent version of this soon. :p

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January 19, 2012

Giddy Thursday afternoon! I received an Awkward #Panda plush keychain from #TheWongfuStore in the mail today! THANK YOU to whoever sent this to me! :3 (Taken with instagram)

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January 17, 2012

Hair Dilemma: Ombre VS Obsessive Redhead Disorder

Look what I found! An almost year-old #redhead photo of myself (with a cheapstake Rayban-rip-off find to sport a frustrated #hipster-ish look.) T’was like just a week after I dyed it red for the first time.

I’ve been obsessing to do something with my hair for weeks now basically because of my anxiousness over my pretty messed-up roots. Can I just say eew? I can’t help to get giddy and impulsive to re-dye it that way (referring to the photo above) , but my Id and Super-ego’s still in a comprehensive debate whether to wait for a few months to pull-off a nice contemporary #Ombre hair or to fall for my Obsessive #Redhead Disorder again.

It's pretty well-known to the whole world (or at least to those who cares to give attention about my hair issues ) that I am ridiculously in-love and obsessed with red hair. I've been itching to dye it since college and I just had the chance to make it happen after passing the Board Exam last year. And now, I've been in a BIG dilemma whether to pursue my staple hair color frustration or to pull off something contemporary like Ombre. I've been google-ing till 2 AM last night for Ombre hair inspirations. I got loads of it. I still want to stick with the red/auburn tone though. But I can't help to be torn seeing lighter shades of brown or even blondes with ash/gray tones. But then again, I'm cowardly hesitant to risk bleaching it to death. 

Here are my awesome Ombre inspirations:

And that last photo made me want to ditch the red hair more. Oh Leighton why so pretty? If I will look exactly like that, I'll be more than willing to ditch the red tones anytime!

... But then again, I came across with these:

My favorite redheads didn't want to make it any easier for me and they went haunting my weak nerves and won me over, AGAIN. Damn I'm in-love with red hair!

But I badly want something new this year! I'm thinking of Red Ombre but then again my roots won't be as red as I want it to be. But I really want to look like a Blair-Waldorf bitch-wanna-be and pull-off Leighton's Light Ombre locks!

Forgive me for whoever is reading this. I have serious hair issues that I, too, can't run away from. It's just a life-or-death situation (at least for my poor scalp, that is). 

Oh BTW, I was actually considering Jessica Jung's hair and being a badass Light Ash Blonde in the past months before discovering my dormant admiration with Ombre hair. HAHA. How much fickle-minded could I get? 

BUT THEN AGAIN, I thought I've been inflicting too much torture to my hair, I came across a random blog I discovered thru random midnight surfing. Check out Helga Weber! I must say, SHE HAZ 'EM GUTS! Right damn serious guts I say! I seriously admire her! She's the notorious bleach babe! I'm all hands down to her! She sported A LOT of hair colors already. And by colors, I mean red, orange, pink, peach, blonde, name it! And funny thing is, they all looked great on her! Y U SO LUCKY Helga?! AND BTW, She even shaved her head and rocked it like an amazing badass she is! Hell yeah!

So far, this is her most outrageous hair color YET (for me, at least). And NO, that ain't a wig. That's her real life hair! I know, I'm pretty amazed as well! HAHA. 

I heard that going Lilac is next on her Hair Bucket List. Well, that I have to see! (setting aside my innate unexplainable hatred towards the shades of purple or anything near its hue)  So, for now, I think I'm gonna end this and skip along with my personal hair issues.

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January 16, 2012

January 15, 2012

I Saw You Standing in My Headlights

Philippine Fashion Week @ SMX; October 2011
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