January 13, 2012

January 1, 2012: Grateful and Happy

Despite being incomplete, ‘cause Dad’s at work overseas, we still managed to enjoy, celebrate and welcome 2012 with a blast. Woke up late from NYE’s craziness. Hello 2012. Everyone’s still asleep at 11 am. And that gave me an alone and quiet time to reflect. It’s a new year. Time flies so darn fast. 2011 has been a crazy roller coaster ride for me. Bittersweet, indeed. I AM HAPPY. I am actually, GENUINELY, happy. I mean, for the past year, I’ve been saying this to myself endlessly, probably only because of defense mechanism. But this time, it’s with full honesty. Bullshit-proof. I guess this year, I’d stay away from bullshits, and what would be a better way than to start it off with myself? Yes? :)

Hello 2012, I’m Nad and I will own you like the badass I originally was. I’m all glued up together and finally repaired this time. This year’s going to be all about risk taking. Fuck “what if’s”. Everyone’s going to get hurt anyway, so yeah. Let’s do this!


(NYE. a photo of me smiling before the 2011 ends. I’m happy and grateful that I got my smile back.)

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