January 13, 2012

January 2, 2012: Happy New Me!

Last night I dreamt of myself deleting my old facebook account and creating a new one. I don't actually remember why I did it in my dream. It just so happen that months ago, I was really considering doing it but I am too lazy and kinda still fixated with the stuff in there since 2008. Photos, friends, wall posts, messages.. practically, memories. I have no particular reason in doing it though.  But this time I just had that gut feeling that I have to do it. It was kinda hard before I decided to delete my old account. I browsed through some of my album photos, and as soon as I go on, I find it harder to let go of it because there's tooooooooo many stuff in there to let go of. So I just stopped browsing and sent the request for deletion anyway.

AND YEHES. I actually created a new one. It was a love-hate feeling. haha. I don't know where to start cause I have technically ZERO friend on my list. I started adding a couple, and yeah. I actually liked my new news feed because It's so squeaky clean this time. Unsubscring to A LOT of people on my old friendlist has been a hobby lately. And I've been recently ranting about friends who spam unnecessary narcissistic posts. And THIS is actually a good solution to it! PLUS: I got rid of the stupid new timeline that made everything so unorganized. ugh. FB changes its interface like every 3 months. Trying to beat Apple's gadget updates, eh? haha. anywaaaay. I am loooooving ze new account btw. Add me up or not. I couldn't care less. :)

So, here's to the rebirth of my Facebook life! Cheers! :)

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