January 13, 2012

From Korea with love

I received THE postcard from Dae Lee straight from Korea this morning! I blogged about it a while ago and man was I pissed! I waited for its arrival since the day I learned I won Dae's postcard giveaway. It was December, last year, to be exact. And yeah, the long wait has come to an end. But I was rather heartbroken than ecstatic when it arrived! Mum gave me this dripping wet envelope she got from the mail and said it has my name on it. She said the postman probably left it there. (And yeah, it was raining this morning). As I took it from her I was automatically devastated even before I read who's it from. Just having a glance on the stamp on the envelope rings a bell that IT IS the postcard from Dae! I can't put into words how sad I was when I saw it. :( 

Here's what it looked like when it was handed on me. Devastatiiiing! (PS: forgive the low quality photo. Just used the iTouch with this one)

Of course, what I did first is to cuss the stupid (sorry for the term, but yeah he is) postman for leaving a mail under a pouring rain. SERIOUSLY, who would do such thing? I mean, it is TOO obvious for a fact that the envelope is made of paper and any person with common sense would know that it is certainly not water-proof. UGH. For a minute in there I just became a bad person, cussing non-stop. I took a photo of it and uploaded it on twitter and tumblr and mentioned Dae right away. I was not really expecting a reply but yeah, HE DID reply as soon as he read my tweet and that made me feel a bit better. NO, actually A LOT BETTER. 

Isn't it sweet of him? (fangirl talk.lol) haha. ANYWAY, it was such a big relief when I learned that he used water-resistant ink with the postcard. I was really scared to open the envelope right away because one of my major concerns is for it being totally ruined. And thank God it won't be except for the fact that it will surely be a little bit crumpled already.

I let it dry up first before opening it. I placed it under my laptop (what a brilliant idea! haha). After 30 minutes or so, I decided to check out the inside. And may I tell you I was darn excited! heeeee :">

Le'mme show you what I received! 

THERE! Every angle of it actually! haha. I seriously went all giddy! :) If you read what was written (or if you can), HE ACTUALLY SAID I AM SWEET! haha. Thus the picture of the sweet potatoes. Get it? (awkward silence. lol) Okay, before you get fed up and annoyed with me sounding so fangirl-ish, here's the link to my actual winning blog entry on Dae's postcard giveaway last year. He said I won him over my "warm human hands to the recepients's heart" which at that time I was really hesitant to include in my entry 'cause it sounded a bit mushy to me. But to my surprise, it actually did me good! YEY! Hurrah for mushiness! lol:)

BTW, if you don't know Dae (which is too bad for you), check out his blog! You'll absolutely admire him and everything he does. He's a pretty awesome talented dude! And FYI: the postcards from Dae are the fruitful products of his badass photography skills and creative mind. He too has an online shop where you can actually order postcards and he'll send it to you straight from Korea. He calls it DAE LEE FACTORY. Check out his amazing artworks and be amazed! 

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