January 13, 2012

January 4, 2012: Rainy Days

I woke up damn early again today. I was out for a jog around 5:30 AM. Yeah yeah, I was trying to shed off the Holiday pounds I gained. And man I am badass serious when I say I gained A LOT. Well, I'm not weighing myself (and I don't want to) but the feeling of being so bloated and uncomfortable confirms the weight gain. You know you can't blame me because admit it or not, holiday foods are just too difficult to resist. Ergo, I am blaming the food instead! Curse you delicious foods for getting inside my mouth, for being ridiculously delicious and for being a backstabber bitch by over-staying in my belly! GTFO! hahaha. ANYWAAAAAAY. Enough of the weight talk. So yeah I jogged about 45 minutes around the park in our subdivision, alone. It was a bit scary cause it's still friggin' dark so I brought a small flash light with me. I am planning to hit an hour but something made me go back home earlier than planned. (or maybe I got tired already. haha). And as I got inside the house, it started raining! Just my luck! :)

Oh Oh Oh! And today I received something in the mail from mileeees awaaaay! And guess where it came from? KOREA baby! The postcard from Dae Lee just arrived after the long wait (naahh. it's really not that long. I am exaggerating lol). I blogged about it here and yes, it is still related to the rain (thus the blog title).

Here's a preview of the postcard! 

By the way, I started answering nursing questions again. Plainly out of boredom. I downloaded this NCLEX reviewer Apple app and gave it a try. 50 questions in 27 friggin' minutes?! What the hell happened to me? Back when I was still reviewing for the boards, I could finish a hundred in 30 minutes or less! Dayum! Brain needs a little stimulation! tsk tsk. I'm blaming the rain for this. The cozy cold weather and atmosphere absolutely made the blood circulation in my brain sluggish. Thus, I only answered half of it correctly! lol. 

So my motto for the day is: When all else fails, blame the rain. YES? :)

PS: I just realized that my morning jog went to waste because mum cooked spaghetti for dinner and I gave in again! HAHA. Plus, rainy and cozy days idiosyncratically increases my appetite. Forgive meeeee! (And I'm still blaming the rain for this! HAHA)

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